Monday, September 28, 2009

First Painting in 3 Years - The Burning Tree

It's been a long time since I last created a painting. I am very excited and very nervous. I wonder what will come out of these finger tips.

I am going to take you through my process:

I have decided not to bore people with the canvas stretching. After I stretched the canvas and coated it with gesso, I sketch my tree onto the canvas lightly with a #2 pencil.

I have decided to give this painting an abstract look by using various brush technics. So to protect my tree from this somewhat messy paint technics I plan to use I brush on rubber cement on to the tree I just sketched.

I am careful not go out of the lines that I have sketched. The rubber cement seals the canvas are so that paint is unable to get on this area. I plan on throwing some paint on the canvas that will make texture.

I lightly brush gold paint on to the main area of the canvas. This will be the 'burning' area.

Then I put an extra layer of different colored paints to give a to give the painting more dynamic. I following up with splattering of blue paint.

Meanwhile the area of the tree I do not want painted is safely hiding under the paint.

Stayed tuned... more to come