Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cutting Very Tiny Pieces of Felt

Crafting tiny things is always fun! But sometimes when your working with tiny pieces of felt it can be a little tedious. Here's a technic I like to use when working with tiny pieces of felt, slippery fabrics and cotton.

What you will need:
- Newsprint pad
- Regular stapler and book stapler
- Pen
- Pattern

Trace out your pattern per color felt on a sheet of newsprint (while still leaving newsprint paper in pad) leaving enough space between tracings for stapler to fit between. Once tracing is complete, rip out the traced sheet and the sheet underneath the traced sheet, so you will have 2 sheets of newsprint.

Cut the 2 sheets stacked together to the required size of tracings if they do not fill the entire sheet of the top newsprint sheet.

Next, cut felt fabric to the same size as the newsprint sheets and then sandwich the felt between the traced newsprint sheet and the additional non traced newsprint sheet. Match all corners. Staple each corner to make sure the newsprint sheets and felt are stacked evenly. Then continue to staple around the edges and between tracings. This will hold your pattern and felt in place while you cut.

Once done stapling, cut your pattern!

This technic sometimes will take a little longer, but it will give you nice clean lines and save your pattern from wear.

I used this technic when making the Cupcake Felt Ornaments.