Thursday, June 2, 2011

Po-Doh San is Finally Done!!

It has been forever since my last update! I can not believe how fast time flies.

I have been busy with my singer sewing machine and finally got down to business with Po-Doh San. He was a bit of a challenge at first due to trying to figure out his mouth pattern, but I finally got it. He can open his mouth! And... he is cotton candy scented!!!

Po-Doh San is also made from fabric leavin's of my previous project and other projects which makes him even more special.

I also have completed Clyde for the Community Cat Coalition for the big animal parade at the end of this past April. This was my first furry human size project! The picture I took is bad, but you can see more pics at Community Cat Coalition

Now to get ready for my two upcoming shows starting mid-August!! I will keep you posted!

PS Be sure to 'like' my facebook page. When I reach 500 fans I will be randomly selecting someone to win one of my designs! Tell your friends!

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