Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Creation of Kuriketto and the Unicorn Super Pow Chop!

Before the Holidays of December my friend Diana told me about The Custom Toy Show event they were hosting at their store Dream in Plastic. And of course I had to be a part of the fun! Inspired by one of Diana's birthday cakes I decided to make a decapitated Unicorn.

But since I dislike making my life easy when it comes to my craft I added a cloth doll, Kuriketto, to the mix.

I started with Kuriketto first since I had to order the fabric for the Unicorn and it takes about 2 weeks to receive. I worked with a current doll pattern I developed and modified it slightly.

First step was to start with her face. I did a rough sketch as seen below.

After I got the shape I wanted I rendered them out in Illustrator.

I printed them out and got them ready to be ironed on. Thankfully my printer decided to play nice.

After her face was set I started spooling her hair and sewed her completely up.

Then I filled her with my favorite polyfil made by Fairfield World.

At this point she needs her nose, which I hand tack on and her skirt. Her hair is not styled.

While in this week long plus process of finishing up Kuriketto my Unicorn material arrives. I have been working on the pattern in between constructing Kuriketto. Normally a new pattern, like the Unicorn's, will take me up to 2 weeks to develop before going to final fabric. Here is a picture of the Unicorn being sewn.

With his new innards.

Now to the hand glittering. This is by far the most favorite thing to do... I think I have a glittering problem ;D

The glitter can take up to 16 hours or more to dry. Especially on fabric. At this point I was starting to panic because the show was only days away and I still had so much to do to finish Kuriketto. I spent an entire day detailing her hair made of yarn and putting on last minute accessories.

I'm happy I got the piece finished! It's currently being shown at Dream In Plastic in Beacon, NY

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  1. I saw Kuriketto and the unicorn at the show - they're fantastic!