Saturday, August 11, 2012

Windows on Main Street 2012

Tonite is the opening of Windows on Main Street 2012 in Beacon, New York. I'm extremely happy I got to do Dream in Plastics window again this year.

Kurīn and Baby Wash Scrub
Dream in Plastic
177 Main Street
Beacon, New York

Kurīn and Baby Wash Scrub is about a young girl, Kurīn, who decided one day to clean all of her baby stuffed animals and hang them out to dry. Sadly all of her tiny companions did not survive the wash :( As she hung them out to dry a storm cloud rolled into town and began to rain cupcakes all over them.

I think, by far, this project was the most fun and the most challenging. Here are some of the steps in in developing the pieces for this window display. I normally start with facial expressions to help my concepts come to life. Here is the sketch of Kurīn's face and the sizing of it on fabric.

Once I had the idea of the face, then I designed and custom ordered the fabric for her dress.

As I was waiting on the fabric I started the construction of the body. The hair was by far the trickiest of all. I have never made a 40 inch tall doll before... and boy did she require a LOT of hair!

Once the hair on the head was assembled I sewed the rest of her up.

Next up was inserting the skeleton. For Kurīn, I made a simple wooden one and used armature wire for her arms and filled her head with packing peanuts to help keep it light.

Once she was filled, it was on to styling her hair

Once her hair was complete it was time for the details. I wanted her to have a top hat to go along with the Japanese Lolita Style. Here are some images of how I constructed her awesome top hat!

...and Viola!

For more images on how I made the rest of the display 'Like' my Facebook page and check it out! Kokma - Art & Design by Amy C Wilson

I hope to see you there at the opening reception!

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